FAQs – Snowmaking At Goldbar

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November 4, 2017 by

FAQs –  Snowmaking At Goldbar
When will ENSC start snowmaking for the 2017/2018 season?
Most years we expect to begin snowmaking after the Remembrance Day weekend once there is a prolonged cold spell of weather (10 or more very cold days with suitable relative humidity levels). It looks like we will be starting earlier this year, possibly firing things up this Monday.
How long will it take to complete making snow for the trails?
It can take as much as about 240 hours of the snowmaking gun in operation to cover all the trails with a depth of snow suitable for grooming. Currently ENSC has only one gun, so the process takes quite a while.
Which trails have snowmaking?
The Lake Loop and 50th Street Loop.
Which trails rely on natural snow?
Capilano, Woodcutters, Esso Hill, Creek Crossing Loop and Goldstick trails.
Can we ski when the snowmaking is operational?
Great caution is needed when skiing near any areas where the equipment is running. These areas should be avoided.