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Registration Open for Cross Country Summer Program

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Biathlon Summer Program

Registration opens on April 20th on Zone4 HERE


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Carded: Short hand for ‘nominated for Sport Canada Athlete Assistance funding’. Congratulations to ENSC alumnus Pearce Hanna, who has cracked the Biathlon Canada carding list after only two season of post high school competition.  This results-based award delivers cash, so that Pearce can focus more on his sport and less on working to put bread on the table and a roof over his head.

Pearce At World Youth Champs: 3-3

Pearce has a very long history with Nordic sports, completing his first Birkebeiner before he was one year old (way to go Glenda!). From there he followed the usual path through JR, TA, YD and bloomed in the ENSC  joint cross country and biathlon programs.

Competing successfully in both cross country and biathlon races, Pearce was eventually seduced by the way of the rifle. While at ENSC he represented Canada at the Biathlon Youth World Championships and has since gone on to the IBU WC series and the Biathlon Junior World Championships. Now residing in Canmore and training with the Biathlon Alberta Training Centre, we wish Pearce every future success.

Full Carding List:

More information and the full carding nomination list and can be found here: Biathlon Canada

Alberta Cup 7&8 and Championship Relay

Congratulations to all the skiers who participated in the final XC race event of the season, and thanks to the volunteers.

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Windy City Biathlon!

ENSC 2016 Biathlon Championships:

April 09, 2016: Thirty-odd athletes, four coaches, eighteen families and a couple of dogs, turned out for the Biathlon Championships on one of the windiest days of the season. Tall about huddled masses!

After the Mass Start races that determined the category champions Helene and Alan assigned everyone to 3-person Relay Teams for a fun race, and then we headed to the Volunteer Hut for a pot-luck lunch and barbecue. No fire in the fire pit – our resident fireman, Don Linklater said it was way too windy for an open fire in the park.

Linklater Sweep:

It was a golden day for the Linklaters! Wynn, Fiona, Callum and Helena each won their Mass Start Races and two of them made it onto the Relay podium too. Must be the genes!

Great Pot Luck:

The 18 families that contributed to the Pot Luck Lunch really out did themselves. Starting from the traditional barbecue and hot dogs via salads to frozen cream puffs. Delicious!

Thank you all for a great day.



Biathlon – IKEA style

Sweden versus Norway in this epic men’s biathlon event

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Biathlon: Almost Done

March: Out Like A Lamb!

ENSC Biathletes enjoyed the mud-free mild weather and the evening light at their last formal practice, March 30, 2016. Our new Head Coach continued her innovative approach to training with ‘Game Combos’. Athletes were split into two teams to play cooperative skill games. After each game, the winning team went straight to the shooting range, while the losing team did core strength exercises.

Balance drill race; found objects relay. March 39, 2016

Balance drill race; found objects relay. Gerding sisters Kira and Leia in the lead. March 30, 2016

Cooperation and Balance:

For example, this game uses various found objects from our training toy collection and from around the Range. Athletes must stay off the ground at all times. Progress is made by passing the last object to the front, and then everyone on the team moves one one step forwards, freeing up the last stepping stone, which is passed forwards. If anyone falls off, the team loses that stepping stone until the referee relents and gives it back.

Next Event:

ENSC Biathlon Club Championships, Saturday, April 09, 2016.