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We are trying to select out the ‘talent’ far, far too young

Read this article from CBC Sports which discusses the elitism in kids sports and its effect on the dropout rate.


Children and Sport: LTAD and True Sport

True Sport:

True Sport is a Canadian initiative based on  six principles:

  • Go For It;
  • Play Fair;
  • Respect Others;
  • Keep It Fun;
  • Stay Healthy;
  • Give Back

Dina Bell-Laroche explains how these principles are worked out as children grow through the various phases of the LTAD model. This is a detailed, but very readable article. Enjoy!


This is the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) model that guides athlete development in every sport in Canada, including Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon. It consists of six phases:

  • Active Start;
  • FUNdamentals;
  • Learn To Train;
  • Train To Train;
  • Train to Compete;
  • Train To Win.

Maximizing Sport For Your Child:

The idea here is to optimize the joy and benefit for your children, while at the same time enhancing the experience for everyone involved – children, coaches, volunteers and officials. How you do it varies at the different stages of the LTAD as children grow up into adult participants. Bell-Laroche does a great job explaining this.

Read the full article.

Biathlon Schedule – May

Follow this link for the May Biathlon schedule