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Biathlon: Camp II

Mud Sweat and Gears:

Report From: Doug Forer

As a willing participant (victim?) to the ‘mud, sweat and tears’ that was the second Edmonton Biathlon Camp, I must commend you on your constant positive perspective, and encouragement, as we struggled with really crazy weather conditions.

Podium In The Rain:

If it ever rains at a biathlon competition, each of us now have the proper training to reach the podium…(or at least I can tell you where it is, after I wipe the rain off my fogged-up glasses).

Bike Mudathon:


As for the ‘Bike and Biathlon’ race, many of you will be interested to know that Helene spent a great deal of time planning the race route prior to Saturday…only to have her plans completely eliminated by the rain.  Her flexibility in designing a new race route, so that we could put into practice her ‘Race Strategy’ lecture, was fantastic…(even though I’m convinced she designed it entirely to permit Mark Singleton to post the fastest time…)

Sunny Elk Island:

EatingCrow.20160611_105427While the roller ski in Elk Island was fantastic, Helene just couldn’t cope with the perfect weather on Sunday morning; I’m sure she did everything she could to ensure that it would rain on us for at least 10 minutes while we were out on the road! [Arranging for snow at Camp I in Hinton raised all our expectations.]

Yoga Too …


Thanks are also owed to Monica, who braved cold, wet and windy conditions in order to coax all of us into a yoga performance for the ages.(Curious how all of the kids are fully capable of mastering the ‘Crow’ position in yoga moments after it’s taught (see pictures)…while the Masters are barely able to…enough said…)

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a great Camp.