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Cross Country 2016-2017 Program Registration Opens Soon

The 2016-2017 Cross Country ski programs, which start in September, will be opening for registration on July 29th on Zone4. Watch for updates.

Named to Alberta Ski Team (AST)

For this upcoming season ENSC had three skiers named to the Alberta Ski Team (AST). They are Sarah Tipples, Marin Cislo, and Will Rickard. Congratulations to all three 🙂

Sarah Marin Will

Sarah, Marin, and Will

All three have been training very hard as they prepare for the new season. Sarah and Will are part of the ENSC Summer Program and Marin has been training and racing with the Juventus Cycling Club. Marin, following much the same preparation that saw her have her strongest and most successful ski season, feels that she shouldn’t mess with a formula that works; one can’t argue with that.

While Marin has been riding her bike and continuing with her dryland strength training, Sarah and Will have been focussing their attention on ski specific training this summer. Along with roller skiing, running, and track training new is strength training with the Performance 104 gym and Kevin Masters. This training in conjunction with input from Nancy Burden at the Kinsmen PhysioCentre has seen the participants in this program improve in areas of body alignment and strength symmetry. The added strength and body awareness is evident when Will and Sarah are roller skiing and doing other ski specific training.

In two weeks the three of them will go to the Haig glacier with the AST to ski, yes ski in the summer. The Haig Glacier is home to the Becky Scott High Altitude Training Centre in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The camp will see them do a week of mostly skiing at up to 2400m altitude.

Congratulations to all three for making the AST and we wish you good training this summer and all the best in the new season.