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1st Birkie Sunday comes to Goldbar

All you need to know can be found HERE

Night Race Postponed to Next Wednesday

Once again we need to cancel or postpone an event!! This time it is too cold. The cutoff temperature for a races -17C and the high for today (Wednesday) is -21C. We will postpone the ZiZU Optics Night Race to Wednesday February 7.

The event is the ENSC Championships and is as follows:

  • Classic Mass Start
  • Goldbar
  • 3km, 5km, and 7.5km
    • You Choose your own distance but the Championship distances are as follows:
      • 3km – 10-13 years (TA’s or Mini-midgets and Midgets)
      • 5km – 14-17 years (JV and Jr.B/G)
      • 7.5 km – 18+ years
  • Registration from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm
  • Race Start: 7:00 pm
    • 7.5km – 7:00
    • 5 km – 7:01
    • 3km – 7:02
  • Draw Prizes

Nordic Fair – Call for Volunteers

As part of our partnership with the Birkie Society, we need ENSC volunteers for our  booth space at the Nordic Fair on Friday February 9.

The Nordic Fair will be at a NEW venue this year, the  Woodvale Community Facility (Millwoods Golf Course) in Edmonton just off the Whitemud at 4540-50 Street,  After set-up in the morning, there are Opening Ceremonies at 11:30 am, and the fair runs from Noon to 8pm.

Please contact is you can help

POSTPONED – St. Albert’s Annual Cookie Marathon

You are invited to new date:  Sunday Feb 11th is St. Albert’s annual Cookie Marathon.  Information below:

Please bring your friends and family to take part in next Sundays Cookie Marathon.  Come out and enjoy the best ski trails in St. Albert and fill your belly with cookies!

EVENT DETAILS:  Next Sunday, Feb. 4th is our much celebrated annual Cookie Marathon.  This event runs between 2-3 pm.  All skiers in our Sunday youth program will be taking part in this event and coaches will be available to ski with their groups as needed.  Skiers will be encouraged to ski laps of any length they choose, and each lap will take them past the cookie station.  This is a fun event for all ages, including parents.

REGISTRATION: The Cookie Marathon is free for St. Albert club members.  For any nonmembers, registration is $5.  Everyone must register on zone 4 so that organizers know how many skiers to expect and so we can have the bibs ready for skiers to wear. Here is the link to register:

Please register before Friday Feb 2nd.  There will not be any on site registration for this event. You must register online to be eligible for the door prizes.

COOKIE CONTRIBUTION: We need each family to bring one plate of about 15 cookies which will be handed out at the cookie station as skiers make their laps. Home made, somewhat healthy cookies are preferred – all must be nut free.  If anyone specializes in making gluten free cookies – it would be nice to have some of these too.  Thank you, in advance, to all parents for contributing a plate of cookies to this event.

THANK YOU SPONSORS:  Many thanks to our sponsors of this event who will be providing door prizes and other treats:  Active Physio Works, Fast Trax Run & Ski Shop, Track & Trail, Mountain Equipment Coop, and Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.  

Training This Week: January 29 to February 4

Week #22 of 2017-18

Coming Up:

  • January 31 – ZiZU Optics Night Race #2 (POSTPONED to Wednesday February 7)
  • February 3 – Athabasca Loppet
  • February 4 – Devon Loppet
  • February 4 – Tawatinaw Loppet
  • February 7 – ZiZU Optics Night Race #2 – ENSC Championships
  • February 10 – Canadian Birkie
  • February 11 – Birkie in the City or Birkie Sunday – Short Races, Inner City Sprints, and Ski Festival
  • February 16-18 – Alberta Winter Games (AWG) – Ft. Mc Murray
  • February 25 – Cookie Race – Kananaskis
  • February 26 – AB Cup 7 – Canmore

Monday January 29:

  • Typically a recovery day. Go for a light ski if you are able, do some light core and balance work and plan your training week 🙂
  • Biathlon: Training at the Range? Might be cancelled for those who raced on the weekend.

Tuesday January 30:

  • Who: All Programs
  • Where: Goldbar
  • When: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • What: 
    •  Mostly Intensity but Coach Driven
  • Technique: Skate

Wednesday January 31: ZiZU Optics Night Race #2 – POSTPONED to Feb 7 

  • Biathlon: Training at the Range – 6:30 to 8:00 pm
  • XC – YR’s
    • Fartlek/
    • Technique: Classic

Thursday February 1:

  • Who: YR’s, AR’s, and YD’s
  • Where: Goldbar
  • When: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
  • What: 
    •  Strength and Drills with Technique focus
  • Technique: Classic

Friday February 2:

  • Recovery Day
    • Easy run/walk/ski, some core, and light stretching.

Saturday February 3: Athabasca Loppet (SK)

  • Who: All Programs
  • Where: Goldbar
  • When: 10:00 am to 12 noon
  • What: 
    •  Intensity – Coach Driven
  • Technique: Classic

Sunday February 4: Tawatinaw Loppet (SK) or Devon Loppet (CL)

  • No Formal Training
  • What: LSD – Personal Distance Challenge – a good day to go for a long ski!
  • Time: You decide

Training is ON for Saturday

Lots of SNOW and, now, good skiing…but it is on the cold side this morning. We’re on the bubble of cancelling (-20C cutoff) but the temperature is climbing, therefore we will have practice this morning 🙂 Dave has been grooming so the trails should be excellent.

Remember to dress in layers when it is cold!

  • Layer next to the ski – avoid cotton (absorbs moisture)
  • Mid-layer – thin wool or fleece
  • Outer layer  – breathable AND wind resistant!
  • Wool socks, not cotton socks
  • Mitts NOT gloves!!
  • Wool toque AND Buff
  • An extra buffet cover the neck and face

And don’t forget to bring some warm clothes to change into afterwards, like a dry shirt and socks, and a thick wool sweater…nothing like being warm for the drive home!


Birkie Trails are Being Groomed!!

Both the smaller Ginshue track-setter and the big Bombadier Hawk machine have been busy on the (Birkie) trails today and most of the south section trails out of Waskahegan and Islet Lake  should have been groomed and track-set ready for tomorrow. So spread the word!

Victoria Park groomed today


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Grooming Report – 26th January

As of 11am, all of the trails have been packed and tracked.

  • Gold bar including woodcutters,
  • Goldstick (no south loop)
  • Capilano
    Are all packed and track set, but still soft. This means that the conditions are better for classic than skate! There is still lots of snow to move, and more to come. But for now, please enjoy!

Skate Skiing Thursday

We will stick to SKATE skiing tonight, Thursday. We talked about Classic with some, but we are sticking to skate. Classic on Saturday for sure 🙂

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