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Mr. Crimpy Saves the Day

Or, Finally Exhausted!

The last part of the generator project was to construct the exhaust outlet and fresh air inlet. After Roger Marchand cut the 4″ holes, no mean feat on the ripple siding of the sea can, we found ourselves unable to make a connection as our components both had female ends. Enter Mr. Crimpy.

HOT! Exhaust manifold on the outside.

HOT! Exhaust manifold.

COLD! the fresh air fan inlet at the top of the generator can.

COLD! Fresh air fan inlet.

Roger went out of his way to deliver this tool (Mr. Crimpy), which puts crimps in female ducting so that it becomes a male connection (no, it’s not painful) and the exhaust system was complete.

Light The Night

Not quite in time for Nuit Blanche, but we finally turned on the Range lights with one switch – the culmination of a three year project. Thanks to ENSC Board and the volunteers who did the work for their continuing support, and to SISU for helping out with casino funds.

Permanent connections. One switch and 'Let there be light'!!

Permanent connections. One switch and ‘Let there be light’!!

Lights in Operations sea Can; with new cabinets.

Bright lights in the Operations Sea Can; with new cabinets.

Range Lights: Milestone

One of the projects embarked on last year by the Biathlon section was to move our portable generator away from the Range (noise abatement) and to wire the generator permanently into the lighting system so that all the lights could be switched on with one quick action (convenience at -20!).  Last summer, step one was to buy a new sea can and rearrange the three cans to dedicate the smallest one to the generator. Also adding storage space for JR gear and wiring up the Volunteer Hut. Milestone 2, completed this weekend, was to upgrade and extend the wiring system to the ‘generator shack’. Tucking all the exposed wiring into a tidy and safe conduit run is now complete, and the lights come on with one switch. The final step will be to install a forced-air exhaust system and add lighting inside all 3 sea cans. Thank you to all the volunteers who worked on this project!

Range lights, underground and overhead junctions.

Range lights, underground and overhead junctions.

Range lights, conduit run.

Range lights, conduit run.


Range lights, connection to generator sea can.

Range lights, connection to generator sea can.



Biathlon Mini Camp, Sept. 19-20, 2015

A two day Biathlon extravaganza for all registered ENSC Biathletes and invited guests from Camrose (Vikings) Ski Club and Devon Bears.

See Event Calendar for details.

A Curious Email

Better Late than Never?

The other day I received an email asking me to return the Coach of the Year trophy to Biathlon Alberta. I was puzzled – I didn’t have it, and thought there must be some mistake.

Coach of The Year:

It appears that at the last AGM, in September 2014, I was given the Coach Of The Year award! Who knew? I wasn’t there, and whoever took the trophy away, didn’t tell me the good news.

It Takes a Team to Make A Coach:

A little belatedly, maybe, but you should all join me in celebrating this small success. It would not have been possible without the support of my ENSC Team!

Yay Team!!

Alberta Winter Games

2016 is an Alberta Winter Games year!

The Games will be held in Medicine Hat, in February, 2016.

ZONES:   We are in Zone 6 (Edmonton City).

  • If you have an address in Edmonton, you can compete for Zone 6.
  • Leduc, you are in Zone 5, Hinton, and need to go to those Zone trials.
  • Sherwood Park, you are in Zone 5, Hinton, and need to go to those Zone trials.
  • St. Albert, you are in Zone 5, Hinton, and need to go to those Zone trials.



We would like to maximize the number of ENSC athletes who go to AWG.
The Biathlon and Cross Country AWG Registration deadlines are both Jan. 05, 2016.
In order to maximize the number of ENSC athletes who can go to AWG in either discipline, the Zone 6 Coordinators will hold the Trials before Christmas.
We will do all the paper work early, and once we know the Trial  results, we will consult with you and make choices that optimize the number of ENSC athletes, across both disciplines, who can attend.

BIATHLON TRIALS, Edmonton Zone 6 :

  • DEV -1 Rifles, Prone, with rest (11 – 14), at Calforex #1, Dec 12, Canmore
  • DEV -2 Rifles, Prone, no rest (15-16), at Calforex #1, Dec 12, Canmore
  • Registration paperwork deadline: Dec. 13, 2015
  • Air Rifles 2 (11-14), at ENSC Biathlon Facility, Wed. Dec. 16, 18:30, Edmonton
  • Registration paperwork deadline: Dec. 17, 2015


  • All 3 categories, AB Cup, Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Dec 19th, 2015
  • Registration paperwork deadline: Dec. 20, 2015


We will send out registration details separately.
If we don’t have your paper work and registration cheque by the dates indicated above,

your child will not be part of the optimization process.
If your child wants a chance to go, you need to fill out the forms!
Registration cheques will not be sent in unless an athlete is selected to go.

Biathlon for Beginners


A combination of cross country skiing and small-bore shooting; the thinking man’s endurance sport.

Biathlon Bears:

This is an introductory program designed for 8-15 year olds who have some ski-skills but have never done Biathlon before. There are complementary programs available for Jack Rabbits, JR-Plus and Track Attack skiers. If this brochure whets your appetite, come out and see us at the Range in August or early September.

Thanks For All the Fish


June 19th was the anniversary of my arrival in Edmonton in 2006. Since then I have worked with Biathlon Alberta and directly with Edmonton Nordic Ski Club to raise the profile of Biathlon in the Northern Region and in Edmonton in particular.

Thank you all for the opportunity, and thank you for all the wonderful personal memories that go with that. I will remember you all fondly as I fade to black [maybe sepia?].


Alan Ball, Biathlon Coach, 2007 – 2015. Featuring the 70th birthday Leica telescope. Photo: JoAnn Paul.

It’s Child’s Play, Dummy!

The Biggest Risk Is Keeping Them Indoors:

This is the title of the 2015 ParticipAction report on children and physical activity. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to ENSC parents, but you need to tell all your friends and neighbours to read the report and watch this video.



Specialization – When is Enough, Enough?


These days, you hear a lot of discussion about kids specializing in one sport or one physical activity too early. Lots of problems come out of this: burnout, overuse injuries, mental and emotional fatigue, dropout from activity, and more. And there’s no question — we know that specializing too early is a bad idea — plenty of doctors and sport experts will tell you this.  But what does “specializing” actually mean?

A few parents have posed this question to Active for Life, so it’s worth clarifying some of the nuances around this tricky topic.

In a nutshell, specialization means doing one activity to the total exclusion of all other activities.

And in the context that most people use the word around kids’ sports, it’s generally assumed that we mean from a very young age — perhaps as young as 5, 6, or 7 years old.

Full Article.

Tough Sledding …

Nine months of winter and:


Derek Zapowski takes a break from summer dry land training to brush up on his shooting skills for Roller Board Biathlon. ENSC Range, May 27, 2015.

With National Team Coach Bjorn Taylor
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