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Jackrabbits and Youth Learn to Ski Programs open for registration

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Fall / Winter Programs: There is still space – register now!

Cross Country and Biathlon programs are OPEN for registration on Zone4 HERE

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Jackrabbits Registration is Open

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2016 Jackrabbit & Youth Olympics

Join Fort Saskatchewan Nordic for this year’s events.

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It’s Child’s Play, Dummy!

The Biggest Risk Is Keeping Them Indoors:

This is the title of the 2015 ParticipAction report on children and physical activity. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to ENSC parents, but you need to tell all your friends and neighbours to read the report and watch this video.



Specialization – When is Enough, Enough?


These days, you hear a lot of discussion about kids specializing in one sport or one physical activity too early. Lots of problems come out of this: burnout, overuse injuries, mental and emotional fatigue, dropout from activity, and more. And there’s no question — we know that specializing too early is a bad idea — plenty of doctors and sport experts will tell you this.  But what does “specializing” actually mean?

A few parents have posed this question to Active for Life, so it’s worth clarifying some of the nuances around this tricky topic.

In a nutshell, specialization means doing one activity to the total exclusion of all other activities.

And in the context that most people use the word around kids’ sports, it’s generally assumed that we mean from a very young age — perhaps as young as 5, 6, or 7 years old.

Full Article.

Sunday Jackrabbits – 1 Feb

Hello Sunday Bunny and Jackrabbits!

This Sunday we will be going to Strathcona Wilderness Centre for our lesson which will run the regular time from 1:30-3:00.


You need to have a trail pass to ski at the centre. A family pass is $11.50. The cost is used to pay for the grooming and running the lodge. Please bring cash for the family pass, as this will speed things up.


Head east on 101 Avenue from 50 street. This turns into Baseline Road as it passes through Sherwood Park and eventually becomes Township Road 530. You follow Township Road 530 until you reach Range Road 212. Turn right (south) into the Wilderness Centre.

Attached is a map with directions to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

Travel Time and Start of Lesson

It takes from 30-40 minutes to go from 50 Street and 101 Avenue to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre, so make sure you leave early. Considering the number of people in our group, you will probably need to walk down from the upper parking lot. The Strathcona Wilderness Centre will also be holding their own Jackrabbits lesson, so the site will likely be busy.

Expect to be onsite at 1 p.m. This gives us time for everyone to get down to the lodge where we are meeting, get their skis on, purchase trail passes and organize into your groups.

Where You Will Be Skiing

If you are late, your instructors will be on the following trails (see the attached trail map)

Bunnies – Fox Loop

Level 1 – Owl Loop

Level 2 – Owl Loop to Wagon Loop to Coyote Run and then back on the Owl Loop

Level 3, 4 – Owl Loop to Wagon Loop and back

There will not be an official break back at the lodge. The bunnies will return to the lodge, but many of the other groups will have their break out on the trail. Therefore, pack a snack and something to drink for your kids to take on the trail and put it in a small backpack for them to carry. There will also be hot chocolate available, so remember to bring a small mug for the children.

Note, if you are helping or going with your children, you will need skis.  If you don’t have any rentals are available.