Training This Week

Here you will find Cross Country and Biathlon training schedules for the coming week.

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Training This Week: March 13 to 19

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March 12, 2017 by

Still Some good Skiing This Week 🙂

Coming Up:

  • National Championships XC – March 18 to 25

Highlights This Week:

  • Nationals start on Saturday

Monday March 13:

  • Biathlon – At the Range or Recovery Day! Check with your coaches!!
  • XC – Easy Ski or recovery Day

Tuesday March 14: 

  • Which Programs: All Groups
  • When: 6:30-7:30 PM
  • Where: Goldbar Park.
  • What: – According to your Lead Coach
  • Technique: SK Skiing
  • What to Bring: Appropriate training clothes, SK Ski stuff, a snack, drinkbelt, and some dry clothes to change into afterwards. Check the weather.
  • NOTE:
    • Always bring a change of clothes to change into after training!!

Wednesday March 15: 

  • YR – Intensity Training 
    • Edmonton Ski Hill at 6:30 pm – Short MAS Training
    • Skate
  • Biathlon – At the Range

Thursday March 16: 

  • When: 6:30 to 8:00 
  • Who: YD, AD and AR
  • What: Regular XC training!!
    • Warm-Up (to include isolating body segments – legs only, DP only, 1-armed skiing, etc.), Sprints, Strength/resistance, Endurance
  • Where: Goldbar
  • Technique: SK…Stay tuned!
  • What to Bring: According to your Lead Coach but dress appropriately – check the weather 🙂

Friday March 17: 

  • Recovery Day
    • Easy ski, some core, and light stretching.

Saturday March 18: XC Nationals Start – Canmore

  • TA, YD, and Adults 
    • When: 10:00 to 12 noon
    • What: Regular XC training!!
      • Intensity Training (According to your Lead Coaches)
    • Technique: SK
    • Where: Goldbar
    • What to Bring: According to your Lead Coach but dress appropriately – check the weather

Sunday March 19:

  • Beat the Blues Boogie – SWC Sunday March 12 Click HERE to register
  • What: Self Directed Training
    • Suggested training is LSD at SWC using the technique of your choice
      • Make it a family and friends affair; go for the day and bring a lunch 🙂

Training Cancelled Tuesday February 7

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February 7, 2017 by

The temperature is below -20C and may reach -19C at the height of theRead More