Volunteer Opportunities with Edmonton Nordic Ski Club

The operation of the ENSC and the programs and services we provide depend upon the volunteer efforts of our members. With the exception of paid coaches, the ENSC is run entirely by the efforts of our tireless volunteers. Volunteering for our club is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and have lots of fun!

ENSC has a “volunteer requirement” for families and individuals involved in many of our programs. When you register for a program on Zone 4, parents/athletes will be required to commit to volunteering for a position or job in one of 4 categories (See below). You will then be contacted by a Board/Club member who will then give details on the position(s) available in the category that you have chosen.

For any additional information or questions about volunteering, please contact the ENSC Membership Coordinator (ensc.membership@gmail.com)


Leadership volunteer positions are largely responsible for overall running of the club. This involves participation in the ENSC board and the development of budgets, programs and the strategic direction of the club. Examples of positions include:

  • Program coordinators (Jackrabbits, X-country, biathlon, Adult, Touring)
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership
  • Communication (web site)
  • Social
  • Trails/Grooming
  • Special Projects (e.g. Snow Making Committee, Fund Raising Committee, New Program Development)

Full descriptions of these descriptions can be found HERE.


Event volunteers are needed to run one-off sort of commitments that could be related to information booths, Loppets, casinos or races. Some examples are:

  • Start/Finish Chief
  • Timers
  • Food volunteers for Spring social
  • Race-day wax team member
  • Ski Swap coordinator
  • Casino volunteer (cashier, chip runner etc.)
  • Zone 6 Representative for Alberta Winter Games
  • Jackrabbit Jump Coordinator

A brief description of volunteer roles for ski races:

Timing – Results, work with the timing team on zone 4 (timing software) to help produce timely, accurate result times – computer work

Results – Runner, taking the results and posting them in the designated places, taking timing tapes from the start/finish line to the results office

Timing – Finish line, you will be given a specific duty (calling finishers, recording finishers, plunging-timing finishes)at the finish line to ensure accurate results

Start-line – Pre-caller, helping to organize and arrange racers into the correct order for the assistant starter

Race Office, helping with office duties; ensuring required forms are available, bibs are sorted and general duties as required by the secretary

Stadium Marshals, help to control people-traffic around the start/finish in designated high traffic areas

Stadium Set-up, help prepare the start/finish areas for the beginning of each race day

Stadium Take down, help put equipment away for the day

*Stadium Power Monitor, someone who is mechanically inclined to look after the generators and propane, who will arrive on site early to fire up the generators to get the trailers power going and light the furnaces in trailers and then monitor them throughout the day.

Stadium Announcer, willing to have a microphone in hand and announce starts and finishes, sponsors and anything else interesting or of importance

Stadium – Bib removal, ensure the return of bibs by athletes after the finish (and keep and eye on athlete wellness), report to medical staff if required

Stadium – Athlete refreshments, ensure warm drink and cookies are offered (kleenex) at the finish

Hospitality – Kitchen, prepare, have available and offer hot beverages to volunteers, other duties as required by chief of hospitality. Prepare finish line refreshments for the athletes and deliver to finish line

Course Set-up, help prepare and mark the course as directed

Course Take down, remove markings as directed when the race finishes

*Course Controllers, this role requires someone more familiar with cross country ski technique to record the passing of racers and watch for any rule infractions, report as directed. (May also be required to change course markings as directed)

*Medical Personal – Preferably a doctor willing to be on site to attend to any emergencies


Many of the programs run by the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club need volunteers to help the coordinators or coaches deliver the programs to the skiers. These range from setting up equipment to helping to organize the skiers or parents around trips and events. Interested people can either indicate that they would like to help with the delivery of the program when they register themselves or their child in one of the programs or they can contact the program coordinators directly <<LINK>>. Examples of positions include:

  • Track Attack or Youth Manager/Liaison
  • Jackrabbit hot chocolate Maker
  • Jackrabbit class setup and take down
  • Snow camp organizer


Volunteers are needed to do specific tasks that help the day-to-day running of the club throughout the year but are not linked to any one program or event. Some examples are:

  • ENSC clothing coordinator
  • Roller Ski rental coordinator
  • Ski rental coordinator
  • Goldbar/Goldstick Trail maintenance
  • Ski Playground development and construction
  • Biathlon Range Maintenance
  • Newsletter volunteer
  • Mailing list volunteer
  • Record Keeper (Volunteer duties and activities)