ENSC Summer Training – Opens Today!

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April 17, 2017 by

Edmonton Nordic Ski Club provides Summer Dryland Training Programs to meet the development needs of athletes from Track Attack to Adult.  Both Biathlon and Cross Country skiers are encouraged to participate.

The programs run from the beginning of May until the end of August or September 2 in the case of the SKI Specific Training Program.

The General Summer Dryland Summer Training introduces younger athletes to other modes of fitness to maintain and increase strength and endurance without being ski specific. This program is directed toward Track Attack (9-12 yrs) and Youth Development (12-15 yrs) athletes.

As the athletes get older and they move towards specific performance goals, then the SKI Specific Training program offers more ski specific focus with emphasis on strength training and technique.  This program is directed toward Youth Development (12-15 yrs) and Youth Racer (16-19 yrs) athletes.

For adults (19+yrs) who want to improve their roller skiing the ADULT Roller Skiing program fits this bill. Technique while on roller skis will be the focus. A strength training program is also available for adults.

Athletes from all groups are also welcome to register for Adventure Training Saturdays. This is an inclusive training session that will challenge the young and the, ahem, not so young. Participants will maintain their fitness in fun, non-competitive, mixed group activities e.g. canoeing, biking, hiking, etc.

All programs will be led by Head Coach Ulf Kleppe. Assistant coaches will be hired if numbers warrant. If you have any further questions about the program, such as determining what program to register in or equipment requirements, please contact coach Ulf at kleppeu@gmail.com.

Registration can be found on Zone4 HERE