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Head Coach Ulf awarded CCA Coach of the Year

ENSC’s Head Coach Ulf Kleppe received the Cross Country Alberta Coach of the Year Award for 2017-2018 at today’s CCA annual general meeting.

Ulf has been Head Coach with Edmonton Nordic since November 2011, and during that time he has served as a great ambassador and leader, teaching athletes young and old alike how to ski technically well, and through his own ‘lived experience’ of ski racing, the enormous value of active healthy living and how to manage the rigours of ski training. But perhaps his most important message has been to always foster a life-long love of nordic skiing through having fun, building community and making friends.

You may have seen Ulf whizz by while training at Goldbar or Strathcona Wilderness Centre, or even at a ski race such as the Birkie, but if he is going slow enough to stop and chat, say “Hei”, and perhaps learn about about the secret powers of Bløtkake!

All at ENSC congratulate Ulf on receiving this award, it is very richly deserved.


Chris Hanstock

President, Edmonton Nordic Ski Club



A Curious Email

Better Late than Never?

The other day I received an email asking me to return the Coach of the Year trophy to Biathlon Alberta. I was puzzled – I didn’t have it, and thought there must be some mistake.

Coach of The Year:

It appears that at the last AGM, in September 2014, I was given the Coach Of The Year award! Who knew? I wasn’t there, and whoever took the trophy away, didn’t tell me the good news.

It Takes a Team to Make A Coach:

A little belatedly, maybe, but you should all join me in celebrating this small success. It would not have been possible without the support of my ENSC Team!

Yay Team!!

Biathlon Awards


Triple Biathlon Champion

Helena Linklater set some kind of a record this year in the Calforex race series.

She not only won the Air Rifle Girls 1 points competition again, but she also won the Under 19 Velli Niinimaa Award for the second time. This is given to the Under 19 athlete who shoots the most number of clean (5 for 5) shootings in competition.  Her brother Callum, who won the Air Rifle Boys 2 Championship this year, also has his name on the Veli Niininmaa Trophy.

Not content with this, Helena also won the Top Gun Award, which is given to the best overall shooter for all Calforex categories.


Callum with his proud Biathlon Coach

Ole Ohvind Award

Given to ENSC Members who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the club and its development.

Ray Cislo and Julia Keenliside.RayAndJulia.OleO.Award.2014

Ray and Julia retired after three years as Biathlon Coordinators, which was preceded by several years as Jack Rabbit Coordinators. Like Ole before them, JuliRay are also active in other aspects of the club and Nordic sports. They are keen participants in both Cross Country ski and Biathlon racing programs and love to ski the steep and deep when they aren’t racing or organizing. We look forward to many more years of their enthusiastic company.

Ole Ohvind was a founding member of the Edmonton Ski Club and a long time supporter of Nordic sports in Edmonton’s river valley. Not content with that, he founded the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club in 1978. He was the first President and a long time Board member. The award is given to honour his memory and example.