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More Casino Volunteers Needed!!

Hello everyone — We are in need of two more volunteers for the SISU casino
1) Banker Sun 14th 9:15am to 6:30pm
2) Chip runner Sun 14th  6:30pm to 3:15am
Thanks to those of you who have volunteered!
Can others get this word out to members of the various groups.
It would be great to get someone from either the Adult groups or Jackrabbits if that is possible.  I have cc’d one of the Jackrabbit coordinators on this message to see if they can put out a call to participants.  I hope someone involved with the Adult groups can also put out a call.
These funds can be used for all ENSC groups/programs.  The focus has been on equipment and facilities and I think that this applies to all groups.
Christine Brown
ENSC President

SISU Casino – Volunteers still needed

We are getting close but are still short 12 shifts and have zero back-ups. Please get out and beat the bushes and encourage your members to sign up.
Sign up on line is at:

Free Food!

  • Don’t have plans for lunch or supper next Tuesday or Wednesday?

  • Come on Edmonton Nordic…we need you!

  • Let’s make Edmonton Nordic Great Again!

  • Just a few more of you can make the difference, and I promise no more emails about the casino!

Please sign up for one of the few positions remaining so we have a full slate of volunteers HERE

Volunteers for Casino Urgently Required

Thank You to all of you who have already signed up to volunteer.

Key volunteer positions are urgently required for our casino on Nov 8/9 at Casino Edmonton (Argyll)

  • Day 1 – Nov 8 – General Manager (9am – 7pm)
  • Day 1 – Nov 8 – Courtroom Supervisor (11pm – 3:15am)


  • Day 2 – Nov 9 – Banker (9am – 7pm)
  • Day 2 – Nov 9 – Alternate General Manager (6:30pm – 3:30am)


We urge all ENSC members and supporters to volunteer NOW!

Please volunteer and support our most important fundraiser HERE

Information on volunteer position job descriptions can be found HERE

Casino November 8/9: Volunteer Now!

We are holding a casino on November 8th and 9th at the Edmonton Casino, and are looking for lots of volunteers to support our most important fund raiser which helps support all our programs and operations.

The volunteer sign-up can be viewed HERE

Wanted: Volunteers for SISU Casino

On April 13-14 a SISU casino to support biathlon programs, and Nordic grooming equipment purchases, requires lots of volunteers.

If you are available please SIGN UP HERE