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Introduction to Community Coaching course

Introduction to Community Coaching course available for ENSC members 

Ten hours of content
To be given over the following 3 Mondays:
Monday, November 28, December 5 and December 12
6-9 p.m.
Edmonton Ski Club
9613 96 Ave NW
Please contact to enroll. Is this clear as mud? I had one guy come only for one class last year because he thought it was the same material each week and we were just offering it 3 times.

Community Coaching: Biathlon

On March 19, ENSC Biathlon sponsored a Community Coaching weekend, which consisted of three sections, Bronze, Silver and Gold. These courses (Bronze Assistant, Silver Instructor and Gold Leader) are designed to train coaches who will run introductory Biathlon programs for children under 15. The Community Coaching stream is separate from the Competitive Coaching program and is designed especially for coaches who will be coaching children.

Biathlon Bears:

This is the program that the coaches are trained to deliver. The Bears skiing and shooting manuals, games and reference materials are aligned with the characteristics of children who are still learning, both the sport and about themselves. Using Biathlon as a way to increase both self confidence in sport and athletic literacy are key goals of the program.

Bronze andSilver Instructors:

The following ENSC members (plus Randy) graduated from both the Bronze and Silver courses: Abbi Brown, Anna Minarik, Erin Bennett, Erin Sand (also Jasper Place Cadets) Doug Forer, Henry Forer, Jaima Fixen, Helene Jorgensen, Jake Taylor, Jason Scott, Kira Gerding, Nick Gerwing, Randy Hopkins (Wapiti Nordic), Sol Bobier, Tia Bennett.

Gold Leaders:

The following went on to complete the Gold Leader training, which qualifies them to lead a Biathlon Bears program and mentor Silver Instructors: Anna Minarik, Erin Sand (also Jasper Place Cadets) Doug Forer, Henry Forer, Jaima Fixen, Helene Jorgensen, Jake Taylor, Jason Scott, Kira Gerding, Randy Hopkins (Wapiti Nordic), Tia Bennett.

Now considered by NCCP to be ‘Trained’ the participants have some homework to complete before they become ‘Certified Gold Coaches’.

A Curious Email

Better Late than Never?

The other day I received an email asking me to return the Coach of the Year trophy to Biathlon Alberta. I was puzzled – I didn’t have it, and thought there must be some mistake.

Coach of The Year:

It appears that at the last AGM, in September 2014, I was given the Coach Of The Year award! Who knew? I wasn’t there, and whoever took the trophy away, didn’t tell me the good news.

It Takes a Team to Make A Coach:

A little belatedly, maybe, but you should all join me in celebrating this small success. It would not have been possible without the support of my ENSC Team!

Yay Team!!