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Edmonton Nordic Ski Club – Snowmaking Update

December 14, 2016

Our snowmaking efforts hit a snag over the weekend.  Dave Storey, our club’s groomer/snowmaking wizard sustained a back injury and while he is recovering, his duties will be limited to operating the Bombi; no lifting hoses, cords or wrestling the snowmaking gun around!
Until Dave is back on his feet, the snowmaking will be running at a reduced capacity by volunteers. Dave will be tilling and spreading the snow as needed.
  • There is 2.5km of skiable (skate) track on the man made snow.  Frank McNamara will be setting some tracks today.  Conditions are still fair/poor with some grass and rocks still showing;  rock skis are definitely recommended.
  • Please remember to thank Dave and our volunteers if you see them working in the park!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Official grooming reports will follow as soon as the bulk of snowmaking is complete.
If you have any questions or comments, please email

Ribbon-cutting and First Flakes Postponed

Due to the intense cold forecast for Saturday, this weekend’s events have been postponed until the New Year.

Snow-Making Update: Edmonton Journal

Read and Watch Dave Storey discuss ENSC’s new snow-making capability, reported in today’s Edmonton Journal HERE