Wax Recommendation for Eagle Point Loppet

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January 12, 2018 by

Here are some wax suggestions for DV:
Glide Wax:
  • Glide would likely be a green LF or HF, if you have it.
  • If not the HF4 the HF5 or LF5 would be a good alternative
  • Start Green is always a contender as is SWIX Marathon – huge range
Grip Wax:
I haven’t seen the track but would imagine that it is abrasive and definitely a base binder is in order. I would think that a base klister is not needed but could work if applied super thin, and I mean super thin!!! Super thin is like VAPOUR THIN!
  • After sanding the grip zone with 100-120 grit paper (NOTE: tip to tail direction)
  • Apply and iron in a thin layer of base binder. Thin = a little thicker than vapour (see above)
    • Vauhti K-Base, Vauhti Super Base, SWIX Base Binder, RODE Base Binder are all good
  • Let cool
  • Iron in a thin layer of Vauhti K-21 and cork smooth. Alternatively use Rode Green, or SWIX VR30 or V30.
  • Once the grip wax has been determined (at the race site tomorrow) I would recommend an additional 3-5 THIN layers corked in if doing up to 13km and 5-7 thin layers if doing the 26km
  • REMEMBER: # of layers also depends on the stiffness of your skis. Stiffer skis need more layers!!!
We won’t know for sure what the snow is like until we see it tomorrow but do the above tonight and put on the finishing touches once there. I have been following the weather at DV and it will change over the course of the night and tomorrow, but regardless of the air temperature, the snow should remain fairly cold for the duration of the loppet.
Good luck and see you tomorrow!!