Learn-to-Ski (Classic)

Learn-to-Ski (Classic)

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  • To develop a love for the outdoors and gain an awareness of cross-country skiing as a winter activity
  • To develop the competencies required to engage in cross country classic skiing as a lifelong activity, and provide a path for new and novice skiers into the other Nordic ski programs (e.g. Jackrabbits, Track Attack, Youth Development, Biathlon).
  • To engage parents and encourage family ski activities



  • Ages 8 to 12.
  • None (youth new to skiing or with limited ski experience)
  • Youth who have previously participated in the Learn-to-Ski program but would benefit from additional skills development prior to joining other ENSC programs (e.g. Jackrabbits classes, Track Attack, Youth Development) are encouraged to enroll in Learn-to-Ski for a second year. Each class will be divided into two groups based on age and skill.



  • Saturdays or Sundays from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
  • This is a 12-week program starting in December and running into March.


2022 Fee:

  • Learn-to-Ski (Classic): $110 and requires a family membership to ENSC
  • All participants in ENSC programs must be members of Cross Country Canada and Cross Country Alberta. This is an insurance and liability requirement. These fees are not refunded by ENSC in the case of a withdrawal of registration or cancellation of a program.


  • Gold Bar Park
  • Other locations may be used for extra activities (other cross country ski facilities, adventure ski, Family ski days, and/or other ski locations)



  • Double pole
  • Diagonal stride
  • Herringbone
  • Downhill high and low tuck
  • Step and skate turns
  • 1-step double pole
  • Introduction to skate skiing



  • Classic or classic/skate combi skis. Classic skis include waxing skis, fish scale skis, or skin skis.
  • Classic length poles (i.e. to arm pit)
  • ENSC offers limited rental equipment. An email to all families registered in an ENSC program will be sent in late October outlining the details on how to rent equipment for the upcoming season



  • Introductory grip waxing
  • Dressing for cold
  • Winter fire building
  • Frost bite prevention
  • Hypothermia awareness and prevention



  • Skill-building games and activities; exploring new trails
  • Exposure to ENSC Programs (Racing, Biathlon, Track Attack, Touring)
  • Participate in any outings of the JR program


Contact ensc.jackrabbits@gmail.com for questions about the program.