Adult Training Group

Adult Training Group

Two 10-week programs (one before Christmas, one after) which focus on technique development for intermediate skiers and combines skill improvement with fitness. Intended for  experienced recreational skiers with strong fitness levels. Join others who wish to advance their skiing ability to the next level. The course will also include dryland training, waxing, and race advice for those who wish to participate in loppets.


  • Adults who want to race and/or participate in loppets
  • Adults with intermediate classic AND skate skiing abilities
  • Adults need to have an intermediate level of aerobic fitness.


Session 1: Sept. 30 – Dec. 16. 2019

  • Mondays 6:30pm-8pm

Note: *No Class Oct 14th & Nov 11th.


Session 2: Jan 6th, – Mar. 16. 2020

  • Mondays 6:30pm-8pm

Note: *No class Feb 17th.



  • Goldbar



  • $165 per session
  • Plus ENSC Club Membership(Click HEREfor link to Membership benefits)



Olivier Matheson (CANSI 3), Roy Merritt (CANSI 3), Mary Ann Merritt (CANSI 2)



  • Coached training sessions
  • Coach support at key events
  • WAX FEE for coach supported events


  • Boots: combi or combination (skate and classic) boots are acceptable
  • Skis: 1 pair of classic skis, 1 pair of skate skis, but Combi skis are not suitable, as we sometimes work on both ski techniques in the same session.
  • Poles: 1 pair of classic length poles, 1 pair of skate length poles
  • Ski striding poles for dryland training (7-10 cm shorter than your classic poles)
  • Rental of roller skis for dryland training is available through ENSC and is NOT included in registration fees.
  • Basic Wax Kit. Click HEREfor the content of the Basic Wax Kit
  • “Rock” skis are recommended for early and late season training.


  • Clothing available to purchase online through our club website:
  • With respect to the Lake Louise camp (Remembrance Day Weekend),ENSC will NOT have pre-booked rooms for participants. You will be responsible for finding your own accommodations with HI-Hostel Lake Louise or nearby hotels. Track Attackers must be accompanied by an adult as transportation and accommodations are the direct responsibility of the parent.