Youth Learn to Ski

The2020/21Jack Rabbit Program allows pre-teens who have never skied to learn and enjoy cross-country skiing.

Many kids do not have an opportunity to explore the fun of cross-country skiing until they are in the pre-teen age group. In order to give them a chance to learn, and in a group of similar age, we introduced a program which runs for 10 weeks on Saturday & Sunday afternoons just for them.

Make sure you are quick off the mark this fall when the program opens up for registration!

Eligibility: Novice cross-country skiers

Age Range: 9 -13

Season: January 9/10 – March 13 (10 weeks)

Schedule: Saturday/Sunday 1:30 – 3pm

Cost: Go to registration

Locations: On snow usually at Goldbar. Sessions are usually run at the same location as all other ENSC training groups to accommodate families.

Registration: Opening on November 1


Equipment needed: see requirements for classic skies in Jackrabbits program .

Contact: for questions about program.


  • Clothing available to purchase online through our club website:
  • With respect to the Lake Louise camp (Remembrance Day Weekend),ENSC will NOT have pre-booked rooms for participants. You will be responsible for finding your own accommodations with HI-Hostel Lake Louise or nearby hotels. Track Attackers must be accompanied by an adult as transportation and accommodations are the direct responsibility of the parent.