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Edmonton Nordic uses the Zone4 site for membership, program and lesson registrations. Select from the following options:


This is for skiers purchasing a Membership ONLY. If you are interested in one of our programs or Adult lessons, you can now purchase a membership when registering for the program/lesson and don’t have to purchase it separately

Adult & Youth Racing and Development, Track Attack, Biathlon:


  • Registration is closed

Youth Learn to Ski:

  • Registration is closed

Adult Lessons:

Note that Membership can be now purchased when registering for lessons

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We run different events during the year that are open to all our members or open to participation from the general public or other regional ski clubs. Some events require registration (eg. Troll-in-the-Park Loppet) or fees (eg. Alberta Cup races) in order to organize and run.  Other events are open to any members just turning up (eg. Jackrabbit Jump or ENSC Spring Fling). Please see the Events page for more detail.



All skiers MUST have an ENSC membership in order to participate in any of our programs, lessons and some of our events.

Basic membership $50 (Cross-country, Biathlon, Jackrabbits) – covers all family members
Membership ONLY (no program registration) – $20 individual; $50 family.

Membership year: The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year and is valid for registration in all club activities that start during that period (eg. Summer training programs)


Membership benefits for the Club Membership benefits for club skiers
  • Pays salaries for club staff and coaches
  • Helps to cover the cost of maintaining and upgrading equipment used for grooming trails at Goldbar and Edmonton Nordic Biathlon Centre
  • Insurance for equipment and staff
  • Equipment for running our programs and events like rental skis, stop watches, race course markers, ski playpark equipment and Jackrabbit booklets.
  • Social events for meeting other ski enthusiasts and families.
  • Liability insurance for skiers in all our programs and lessons.
  • Access to rent club roller skis and snow skis (for select programs).
  • Opportunity to take lessons or participate in one of our programs



Our ski programs are longer in duration than ski lessons running from 10 weeks (1/week) to 26 weeks (2-3/week) during the Fall and Winter months. We offer programs for different age groups and skill levels from bunnies (3+ years old) to Adult Masters programs. Please see our Programs pages for more detail.



Our ski lessons are designed for Adults that are interested in learning how to ski or improving their technique. Lessons involve 3-4 classes meeting once per week and run from early November to the beginning of March. Please see our Adult lessons page for more detail.